(By Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad, , 2006

(All pictures by Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad)


P. laueana in habitat



It could be considered a bit of a stretch, but yes, we did see P. laueana in the wild! I say a stretch because we were unable to reach most plants, and had a marginally close view of only one in bloom.

For much of the time we spent at the location it was rather foggy



but it did clear up from time to time to reveal the dramatic mountainside habitat of the red Pinguicula.



The plants grow high up above and on the vertical road cut.


Most plants were too high to be accessed by foot or the magnification of our camera lenses, but a few were growing within reach.


Unfortunately, the lone flowering plant nearly within spitting distance eluded accurate photographic capture.

Although the Pinguicula were a bit out of reach, the area did avail other interesting features.


Noah Elhardt and Forbes Conrad