Pinguicula greenwoodii

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Family : Lentibulariaceae

Genus : Pinguicula

Name : Pinguicula greenwoodii


Sub-classification (Casper) : link

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A Treasure Shared - (by Edward L. Read)


Mr. Ed Greenwood is a well known botanist in the Oaxaca area.  I had the pleasure to discuss with him  a few times by phone and through letters. He now lives in Ontario Canada. His main  interest is orchids and  he has been travelling throughout Oaxaca discovering new species. When I mentioned his name to the director of the ethnobotanical gardens in Oaxaca (2000)  he was very excited and implored me to give him Mr. Greenwood's address.  The director told us that he considered Mr. Greenwood as a great man who made great contributions to the science and is well loved. I  expected  to have the opportunity to meet him while he was still botanizing in Oaxaca. Nevertheless, Mr. Greenwood was  very kind to send me copies of several slides he took of Pinguicula in nature along with his  collecting notes (fifteen collection events). Mr. Greenwood  herborized, preserved in (en toutes lettres) ( FAA), and took photographs and notes on all the Pinguicula that he found. These specimens were sent to people such as Peter Taylor, Eric Hagsater, and M. Cheek of Kew. One of his discoveries was described as P. greenwoodii in his honor by Mr. Cheek in 1994 (Kew. Bull. 49:813). I am sure that  I have still many things to learn from this man. Thank you Mr. Ed Greenwood for sharing your treasure of information with us.   



Zacatepec road, Oaxaca, 1550 m.


HABITAT:  (From Personal note of Ed. Greenwood).       

On a continually wet vertical cliff face in mixed cloud forest grows a colony of more than 200 plants. 

Flowers appear blue in situ; under incandescent light they match RHS Purple 76B.

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PICTURES: (click to enlarge)


The flower of Pinguicula greenwoodii

Photo : Ed. Greenwood -G - 1377- a - Copyright -